FSone 2007

FSone 2007

It helps you adapt to the ParcFerme to the Rule of 2008 Formula 1 Seasson
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International Pro-Modding

FSone is a Formula 1 mod made for rFactor. It was developed by the Spanish-based team "International Pro-Modding". FSone 2007 is its second mod after creating the first mod of the series, FSone 2006. Although everyone agrees that the level of detail and precision is not the same as in the CTDP F1 mods, FSone has one crucial advantage: it is actually released soon after the season they are trying to simulate. Everyone knows that CTDP mods usually are released 2 years after the season actually took place.
FSone gained a huge fan-base with this mod, thanks to its developing speed. The mod was released even before the 2007 F1 season ended. Being the only choice in the market for this season it was a success. Although the physics and the detail of CTDP is not there, the cars look great and the skins do their job perfectly. You can forgive the lack of ultra realism, specially if the mod proves to be complete (all cars, tyres, engines, skins). It is great fun in online races, and it stands its own in the single player mode. If you want a stable, compact, complete mod for the Formula 1 season 2007, FSOne is a great choice.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Quick releases
  • Great models


  • Physics and detail are not the best out there
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